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ADR builds affordable, high quality and effective purchasing training solutions and can provide the analysis and advise to transform your purchasing capability permanently.

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Sustainable procurement skills

Despite an increased focus on sustainable procurement, 70% of procurement professionals lack the skills and knowledge to create and implement strategies in this area. This data comes from ADR...

Unlock value through supplier management

Supplier management unlocks additional value once strategic sourcing is complete.  There are many routes to incremental benefits after the contract is signed:

What the procurement professional expect from their learning

What do modern procurement professionals want from training? Procurement professionals want to learn and to develop themselves. It is something they look for when searching for new roles. It is also...

Supplier Management Benchmarking Study Highlights

What do the best Supplier Managers get right? A 2019 supplier management benchmarking study conducted by ADR International investigated how best practice organizations achieved higher value from...

Strategic Supplier Whitepaper

The scope of this white paper is supplier relationship management. The aim of the white paper is to explore the negotiated collaborative supplier relationship. This description is suited to a subset...

2019 DNA Highlights v2

Highlights from ADR's Development Needs Analysis Skills Assessment ADR’s online skills assessment tool has been in use for over 15 years. More than 30,000 assessments have helped professionals from...

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