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One of the world's leading procurement consultancies since 1986

Through the on-going development and implementation of thought leading procurement and sourcing processes and practices, ADR International has helped organisations around the world identify and resolve procurement issues for over 30 years.  Our diagnostics services help those interested in evaluating their current procurement practices, our advisory services help those looking for solutions and hands-on support, our learning services provide training to organisations and individuals, and through our sourcing services we do your buying for you.  No matter what your purchasing requirements, ADR can help.

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Robin Jackson is one of the best-known and respected figures in the procurement world. He has held senior management positions with major corporations including the Ford Motor Company, Philips Electronics and Nissan before joining ADR International in 1988.

With ADR International he has amassed a wealth of hands-on purchasing experience with clients worldwide in Europe, the US, South Africa, APAC and Australasia. He has led projects in many sectors including pharmaceutical, automotive, engineering, rail, FMCG, financial, building materials and footwear. Robin regularly writes for publications and is happy to speak with authority on any issue connected with purchasing, procurement and supply chain management, at local or global level.  Robin became CEO of ADR International in April 2007 when the company restructured to take advantage of increasing demands for procurement services. 

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