Amka Products

Amka Products is a large privately owned manufacturer and distributor of hair, personal and home care products in South Africa. Amka are a major employer in the region and have an extensive product range with many brand leaders.

During early 2000, Amka engaged ADR to conduct a review of their procurement activities and identify the improvement opportunity.

Following the review and feedback report, Amka selected ADR to support a procurement change project and develop the skills of procurement staff and sourcing influencers to deliver the identified opportunity.

The change programme was supported by senior management and the procurement staff embraced the challenge of implementing new procurement processes, target setting and measurement.

Amka Products
Service Area
Instructor-Led Learning
Procurement Transformation project Skills and Process Development workshops
To implement a change programme to bring about significant procurement improvement, introduce robust processes, improve skill levels and deliver cost savings to the business.
The procurement change project delivered significant and lasting changes in the ways of working in procurement, stakeholder buy-in and support and cost improvement. Twelve years on, and Amka continue to use the ADR introduced procurement processes and continuously refresh the skills of procurement staff through engaging with ADR to deliver interactive workshops and procurement challenge. “Initially, I was hesitant that the improvement opportunity identified by ADR would be achieved, but after the introduction of structured cost management and skills training, covering a range of best practice tools and techniques, we started to deliver sustainable cost and value improvements. In a short time we exceeded our targets. The ADR introduced processes and practices continue to deliver benefits to the business today”.Procurement Manager