Bespak Plc

Bespak Plc is a market leader in the manufacture of medical devices, particularly in the area of asthma inhalers, for clients such as SmithKline Beecham and Rhone Poulenc Rohrer. 

ADR was asked to conduct an initial baseline assessment.

ADR’s aim was to assess Bespak’s purchasing practices to identify areas of cost savings opportunities.

The baseline review revealed Bespak’s purchasing structure and processes had failed to keep pace with its substantial growth over the previous 10 years.  In addition, ADR identified multi-million pound savings that could be achieved on Bespak's inventory expenditure. ADR designed and implemented a Purchasing Initiative which over 18 months transformed purchasing in Bespak from an administrative back room function to a key business process delivering substantial bottom line benefits, generating revenue for the business and creating other non-quantifiable competitive advantage.

The key elements of the change management programme were: A series of communication and education workshops to ensure that a critical mass of key sourcing influencers and purchase agents understood and used common concepts, tools and behaviours so facilitating their communication with, and support of purchasing

Bespak Plc
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