Bristows Helicopters

Bristows Helicopters is the largest helicopter operator in the North Sea and a division of Offshore Logistics of Lafayette Louisiana, the largest non-military operator of helicopters in the world.

ADR was asked to support Bristows in the design of a new structure and ways of working for its purchasing and logistics function.

ADR’s aim was to establish new ways of working within Bristows.  These new practices formed the basis of the specification of a new IT system for logistics within Bristows.

Complexity was the crucial problem for Bristows with 8 different helicopter types being operated, in over 15 countries throughout the world, and for clients as diverse in their requirements as:

  • Long-term oil company charters in the UK, Nigeria and Indonesia
  • UK MOD helicopter training in the UK
  • Relief work in locations like the Sudan
  • Long term UK Coastguard helicopter contracts.

In addition, the supply base contained several very dominant players such as Snecma, Eurocopter, United Dynamics and Bell. 

Furthermore, the range of purchased categories varied from simple consumable items through logistically more complex repairable items to highly sophisticated “power by hour” or leasing deals for major assemblies or helicopters.

ADR’s solution resulted in a structure that was leaner, more focused on managing suppliers for cost and value and where accountability was targeted on output measures (i.e. unit cost, working capital levels, etc) rather than input measures (number of orders processed, etc).

With the new purchasing structure providing a basis for change, Bristows was able to automate its logistics operation without fear of recreating historical and inefficient ways of working.

Bristows Helicopters
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Establish new ways of working
A leaner, more focused structure