Cable and Wireless

ADR worked extensively with Cable & Wireless over a 3-year period.

Following low adoption and poor engagement with a theory-focused Category Management process ADR worked with VP Procurement for Group Purchasing & Supply Chain to develop and embed a simple and easy to use Strategic Sourcing Process.

This was followed by a series of workshop, action-learning, clinic and surgery events to build the understanding of the new process and embed the new process and introduce new sourcing tools and techniques.

Supplementary to the workshops was the development of an “A5 guide” so that all sourcing staff globally had to hand an easy to use strategic sourcing guide.

ADR also supported some cost-down activity in strategic areas of expenditure.

Over the past 12 months Cable and Wireless became an ADR DNA customer.  The objective was to appraise a disparate global team – UK, Caribbean, Macau, Panama, and Monaco - using ADR’s web-based tool.


•          C&W replaced a non- performing, complex category management process with a simple and easy to use process.

•           Global assessment undertaken.

•           Personal development plans in place for all group purchasing & supply chain staff.

•           Business-wide gap analysis of purchasing competency and plans in place for focused development on the areas of weakness. 

Cable & Wireless
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Instructor-Led Learning
PRISM Category Management
Simple category management program implemented Personal development plans for all staff Focused development