Cancer Backup

Fixed line rental, stationery and IT consumables

As a major charity providing support for people whose lives are affected by cancer, Cancerbackup depended heavily on fixed-line communications.

As well as inbound and outbound telephone calls, communications needs included an inbound call centre, video conferencing and broadband lines. There was also a substantial spend on stationery and IT consumables.

After carrying out a detailed review of spend on the fixed line communications, ADR issued a Request for Proposal from five suppliers including the incumbent. A similar exercise was completed in the stationery and IT consumables categories.

The incumbent supplier offered savings totalling £11,500, but moving to a new supplier would save up to £20,000.

ADR also recommended saving £6,000 or 34 per cent of spend , with no loss of quality or service by moving to a new supplier for stationery and IT consumables.

Cancer Backup
Fixed line rental, stationery and IT consumables
Stationery, IT consumables: £6,000 / 34% savings Fixed line telecoms £20,000 savings