Centrica is an integrated energy company operating throughout the UK and North America.

ADR were brought in by Centrica to run a Diagnostic Assessment of Procurement Effectiveness & Evaluation of the Sourcing Process Tools used including E-Procurement Tools.

Critically reviewing Procurement in relation to EU legislation and policy (utilities), corporate strategy and stakeholder operational needs and providing expert support:

•          Engaging with and selected suppliers to assess organisational & goal alignment, organisational effectiveness and the governance of Procurement.

•          Assessing existence and effective application of industry standard tools and techniques including e-procurement;

•          Locating areas of benefit realisation by assessing sourcing effort & expertise applied & supply market difficulty;

Developing ‘stretch’ and ‘business as usual’ business case ROI for the improvement work-streams (supported by a cost benefit analysis including:

a)     Strengthening cost management focus

b)    Organisational change and up-skilling to enable early Procurement involvement

c)     Value-added focus by reducing complexity – implementing  e-procurement solutions / procurement cards for routine / low value expenditure

d)    Introducing a supplier management focus on benefit realisation post contract

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Diagnostics & Advisory
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Diagnostics Assessment
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