Achieves high purchasing performance

This charity manages and runs two iconic venues at the heart of a metropolitan city centre. Together the two halls present over 600 concerts and events a year.

The charity wanted to buy a new, more sophisticated CRM system to grow revenues and ticket sales, and provide a superior service to the public. As the company is controlled by the city council, it needed to follow public sector procurement procedures. But the  organisation had no experience of this process. The management team knew they needed to follow the complex rules surrounding public sector procurement to the letter, while also making the most of the process to ensure they identified the right supplier, and sourced an effective solution at the best possible price.

The charity called on ADR to advise them on how to run a public sector procurement process. Our experts first of all analysed their requirements, and identified that the right approach was for the charity to conduct the bid process themselves rather than trying to enter a partnership or collaborative arrangement with another public sector body.

ADR then designed a formal tender process and provided the charity with tools and templates they could use at the various stages of the bid, including the Pre-Quotation Questionnaire and the Request for Proposal.

We also trained their core team, coaching them on how to evaluate both the written bids and oral presentations, and how to carry out interviews.

The process became more complicated when budgets were cut significantly half way through the bidding. The charity had to go back to the bidders and ask them to reduce their bids, and specify what could be achieved for a specific maximum target price. ADR’s advice on how to change the process and interact with the bidders at this stage was crucial in a helping the charity achieve a satisfactory outcome.

At the start of the process, the charity knew of at least one company they had worked with before who might be able to provide the kind of CRM system they needed. In the end, however, as the process unfolded, they were able to identify another company they had not previously heard of, who came up with an ideal yet highly cost-effective solution.

By designing an effective process, ADR helped the charity to find the right bidder for their needs and save significant amounts of money.  We were also able to ensure that the charity was fully compliant with the official bid process at every stage, protecting them from any challenges.

In addition, ADR provided tools, training and templates for running a public sector procurement process which the charity will be able to reuse in the future. They are now equipped to handle the process independently, providing a lasting and sustainable benefit for future procurement exercises. 

Service Area
Instructor-Led Learning
Analysis of requirements Designed an effective tender process
Help with the public sector procurement process for a new CRM system to increase revenues and ticket sales
The charity are now equipped to handle the tender process independently