Component Manufacturer for marine and recreational vehicles

Cross Functional Teams Produce Cost Savings

A manufacturer of specialised components for recreational vehicles was losing potential value from decentralised purchasing operations across several plant locations including at least one overseas.

ADR consultants pulled together teams from different locations and disciplines to build company-wide category strategies for purchases. 

By centralising spends across the company it was able to leverage prices in key categories.

Cross-functional teams helped build a value consciousness through the organisation without sacrificing quality – driving additional savings year on year.

The process enhanced the collaborative culture throughout the company with a focus on cost and value.

Manufacturer of systems components for marine and recreational vehicles
Service Area
Consulting on strategic approaches to spend categories and creating cross-functional teams
Save costs by integrating procurement operations across multiple locations. Create efficiencies and generate collaborative approaches throughout the enterprise.
Cost-saving goals were met without sacrificing quality. The corporate culture became more collaborative during the process.