East Midlands Electricity

The client was a major UK Regional Electricity Company as it deregulated and faced competition in its previously controlled regional home market. Such a momentous realignment in business circumstances occasioned huge cost and performance pressures for executives, with purchasing consequently being recognised as a key player in helping drive the business forward.

The aim was to establish an industry leading procurement function through the introduction of best practice tools and techniques and developing staff expertise to ensure the change was sustainable.

A central pillar of this assignment was that all training and development modules were structured around an industry specific case study specifically developed for the client enabling purchasing personnel to rapidly assimilate new concepts and techniques within a safe, yet relevant, learning environment.

A further aspect of ADR’s support was in designing and managing a series of recruitment and assessment events which incorporated a range of recruitment support activities such as multi-candidate assessment centers, case study exercises & candidate interviewing.

ADR’s involvement also extended into providing specialist “hands on” category support on certain areas of expenditure.  Such categories included the application of robust purchasing principles to all areas of marketing, including corporate branding and creative development as they entered de-regulated domestic gas business.  A further benefit came from ADR’s support in the development of a sourcing strategy for the introduction of new metering technology.

ADR’s input extended over a number of years even including the period immediately after the client being acquired.  As ADR’s capability in designing tailored training and development programmes was recognised by senior purchasing professionals within the extended organisation.

Significant cost reductions were achieved during the course of the assignment together with additional benefits and service enhancements. In addition, the influence of purchasing on the business extended into areas of ability not previously addressed.

East Midlands Electric
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Instructor-Led Learning
Training and Development Category Support
Establish a procurement function
Significant cost reductions