For the past 38 years, Efekto has been helping gardeners to create beautiful, bountiful and balanced gardens. The company’s range of fertilisers, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides adhere stringently to government safety regulations, and this, combined with the broad spectrum of products offered and proven reliability over the decades has ensured the Efekto brand a place in every garden shed.

Efekto has blossomed into a major garden chemicals producer since its small beginnings in 1974, as a division of the local Agricura Agrochemical Company. Back then, its aim was specifically to supply agro-chemicals in quantities small enough to meet the needs of the home gardener. Since then, more than 500 products have been brought onto the market by Efekto, with many of them becoming household names: Rosecare, Garden Ripcord, Dursban, Shake-‘n-Grow and Wonder fertilisers, to mention a few.

During late 2005, Efekto engaged ADR to assist them in reducing costs on three packaging categories based on a gainshare principle – no gain, no fee. The relationship lasted four and half years with the addition of additional categories including fertilizers and containers against which substantial savings were delivered.

The programme was fully supported by senior management and the procurement staff later embraced the challenge of implementing new procurement processes, target setting and measurement.

Service Area
Instructor-Led Learning
Strategic Sourcing Skills and Process Development workshops
To implement a change programme to bring about significant procurement improvement, introduce robust processes, improve skill levels and deliver cost savings to the business.
The procurement change project delivered significant and lasting changes in the ways of working in procurement, stakeholder buy-in and support and cost improvement. “ADR are a reputable consultancy and are respected as leading thinkers in Purchasing and Supply. Our relationship has been productive as they strive to add value. Together we have achieved significant cost reductions.” - Andrew Winstone – Financial Director