Global Packaging Company

Continuous Learning Improvement

A large packaging company with locations in several countries had ambitious cost savings goals it wanted to meet with its current staff – which had an average tenure of more than 25 years with the company, and no regular professional development support.

ADR used its Development Needs Analysis (DNA™) tool to assess the skill level of each procurement individual and operating unit within the company.

Within just four weeks after the DNA™ surveys were completed, ADR had designed and piloted a mixed program of e-learning modules, live workshops and mentoring (on-site, via phone and email) to deliver instruction tied to the gaps in skills identified by DNA™.

Workshop trainers were senior consultants, which provided a level of comfort for long-time employees of the company.

Each learning group generated a cost-savings project during the training and implemented it after the sessions ended.

Management fully supported the initiative and repeated the cycle for three years, raising the measured skill levels of procurement staff from 60% to 80% over that time period.

The program also met all of management’s timelines and financial goals.

Global manufacturer of packaging products
Service Area
Instructor-Led Learning
Professional skills baseline analysis, rapid planning and implementation of a supply management professional development program.
Create a program for continuous professional learning for supply managers throughout a global organisation
Cost-saving projects generated by participants during training sessions met management goals for return on investment. Measured skill levels of staff increased by 20 percentage points.