What Motivates Procurement Professionals? Dan Pink is an expert who explores behavioural science to help understand our attitudes to work and business performance. His most recent book is called “Drive -The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us”. His research has identified 3 areas that create motivation in professional people. Autonomy  e.g. designing your own working priorities. For example... Read more
The procurement function continues to gain recognition as a key area of organisational expertise as businesses embrace the concept that acquiring goods and services in a systematic, professional way is fundamental to maintaining competitive edge. In the public sector too, governments increasingly understand that effective management of third-party spend is key to reducing costs and improving... Read more
As many organizations have a huge diversity of procurement and supply roles, the procurement academy must be broad in its offering. This may mean a choice of courses (online and face to face; internal and external providers), a variety of learning routes (including professional certification, and peer-to-peer learning) and multiple skill levels (from entry-level through to leaders).  ADR works... Read more