Manufacturing Company

From loss to profit - and £250,000 a year saved

A manufacturing sector company had eight UK locations, each of which had been negotiating directly with the utilities market on an ad-hoc basis.

Total spend on gas and electricity was substantial, so company bosses wanted to test the market. But they lacked the resources to carry out the project professionally, especially as contracts were coming to an end and time was short.

ADR Sourcing completed a full market enquiry and issued tenders for all sites and both utilities. By using our experience of the energy market we advised the client on how to maximise savings by taking up offers at the best time.

Following our advice the client saved more than £250,000 annually over two years.

In addition, by moving to co-terminal contracts at all locations, administration was simplified and future market tests could now start from a more established foundation.

As a result of the project with ADR Sourcing, the client moved from being a potentially loss-making company to profitability.

Manufacturing Company
Market Analysis
Cost Reduction
£250,000 Savings Simplified Contracts