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Meet the winners of Acquisition International’s 2013 Finance Awards

Australian Procurement Consultants of the Year

Last year was not without its challenges but the professionals in the finance industry rose to the occasion, demonstrated their brilliance and now have the awards to prove it.

Acquisition International’s awards are given solely on merit – to be a winner entrants have to be voted for by their peers and make it through our experts’ assessment.

This year’s Finance Awards have proved more popular than ever with more than 600 winners from over 60 countries across dozens of categories.

The awards recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals and companies within the finance sector, encompassing everything from insurance brokers and specialist IT providers to advisers on subjects ranging from equities to renewable energy.

About ADR International
ADR International is one of the world’s longest-standing global procurement consultancies, helping clients improve every aspect of their procurement activity. Its main areas of expertise include procurement transformation, training, people development and sourcing.

Clients include GE, Pfizer, Lilly, Nokia and Roche. ADR International also works with public sector organisations in local and national government, policing and health services.

ADR International has offices in Oxford, UK; Sydney, Australia; Johannesburg, South Africa; Prague, Czech Republic; Seoul, South Korea; Makati City, Philippines, Shanghai, China and Phoenix, USA.