World-leading mobile phone producer Nokia selected ADR Learning to create a change programme to introduce an indirect sourcing process to a global purchasing team of more than 450 people.

ADR Learning designed a pre-workshop eLearning module giving an overview of the sourcing process and then ran a series of 3-day workshops focusing on the real-life issues of stakeholder engagement, managing Sarbanes-Oxley issues, generating and selecting sourcing and contracting options and improving compliance to negotiated agreements.

ADR Learning mobilised tutors from our global network and operated several workshops simultaneously. Local language support was provided in China and South America.

Nokia were left with a series of standalone eLearning modules they can use with future employees.

Service Area
Instructor-Led Learning
Design of learning programme Design of eLearning modules Delivery of 3-day workshop Analysis of participant feedback
Create change programme for new sourcing process
New process effectively implemented Participants reported increased motivation to put new process into practice