Nottingham Health Authority

Nottingham Health Authority part of the NHS, providing integrated healthcare services to the local community.

Having identified that the service gains arising from the operation of an annual contracting round were limited, Nottingham Health Authority recognised that it required a more positive and proactive approach to its healthcare purchasing.

ADR was commissioned, together with the Professor of Strategic Procurement Management at Birmingham University, to develop a new approach for Nottingham Health Authority’s healthcare commissioning.

The aim of the assignment was to develop a robust and principled basis for the management of Nottingham Health Authority’s relationships within the internal healthcare market.

The direction of the programme drew greatly from ADR’s prior public and private sector experience on the strategic alignment of purchasing activity and upon a relational competence-based outlook.

ADR identified that many of the activities and behaviours adopted in contracting were actually inappropriate to achieving their intended effect. 

As a consequence, ADR instead sought to introduce more appropriate relationships based upon trust and closer supplier liaison.

 Central to this was the creation of a forum comprising CEOs of all parties to oversee the comprehensive re-alignment of approach.

The initiative enabled Nottingham Health Authority’s procurement to be more proactive having changed its focus from reactive purchasing to strategic healthcare commissioning.  This was achieved by the analysis and introduction of appropriate relationships between the purchasers and providers and re-aligning the intra-organisational structures and inter-organisation communication and meetings.

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Align purchasing activities and gain closer supplier relationships
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