ADR was selected by Novelis’s to work with their European purchasing team, with purchasing professionals based in 13 different manufacturing plants. The goal was to transition the purchasing team in terms of “World Class” category management through competency assessment and organizational design.

The main aims for the project:

  • To reduce the management time and administrative burden of competence appraisal.
  • To leverage competency assessment results to support organizational design and develop more powerful savings targets.

ADR used its experience with skills assessment and benchmarking process to define “World Class” profiling.

The project consisted of:

  • Competency profiles were created—not all categories warranted “World Class” approaches, so a mixture of expert, advanced and proficient capability levels were targeted.
  • Category expenditure, portfolio position, role and location of owner/stakeholder were assessed.

The entire European team was assessed within two weeks of the project beginning. Using ADR’s Development Needs Analysis self-assessment diagnostic tool. Strengths and learning needs fed back to all individuals and managers. Also high opportunity categories targeted with multi-million dollar savings goal based on application of advanced skills.

The results were used to restructure teams and high opportunity categories prioritised and strong capability personnel were assigned to deliver rapid results using their strong skills.

“Fast track” professionals were identified and a “Master Class” was created on their learning needs to enable them to attain stretch savings targets.

Major shared development areas were identified and addressed in 2 day “Refresher Training Workshop”, avoiding need for costly and extensive training program.

Better mix of skill, location, category and responsibility identified to create organizational transition plan.

Service Area
Skills Assessment
Restructured procurement teams Savings targets stretched