18 months into a 3 year term, the hub selected ADR to help them to determine the future responsibility, authority, accountability, scope of service and funding model for the hub. 

In addition ADR were asked to perform a capability profile and tailored development plans for ProCure and SUHT procurement staff.

The principal aim was to solicit input from the CPH’s shareholders (the Trusts) in order to in relation to future work scope, role and funding options to input into developing a new strategic plan beyond the initial 3 year funding commitment.

To identify a capability profile for Procure staff and to identify the gap between the CPH’s target capability levels and the actual capability levels, and then to identify a development plan to address the gaps.

Design the diagnostic review and conduct structured interviews with key personnel at 10 selected NHS trusts (the shareholders) to identify:

· The trusts strategic direction and business priorities;

· The extent to which strategic procurement is pivotal to the trusts future strategy and if so what expected deliverables;

· The extent of the trusts procurement & SCM capability and attitude towards future in-sourcing vs. outsourcing;

· The trusts attitudes towards a range of future funding options.

Establish target capabilities across a range of competencies, validate results on a 20% sample, and produce development plans. 

Tailored development plans fed back to all staff.  Training workshops designed and delivered to address gaps including action planning to apply the learning with follow-up from internal DOP

Service Area
Instructor-Led Learning
Design diagnostic review and conduct structured interviews Establish target capabilities, validate results on a 20% sample, produce development plans
Perform a capability profile and tailor development plans for ProCure and SUHT procurement staff
Identified options and recommendations for the hub to consider in developing strategy and business plan Designed and facilitate a strategic review workshop Tailored development plans feed back to all staff