Procurement Agency for Essex

The Procurement Agency for Essex (PAE) is a regional collaborative procurement hub made up of 15 public sector organisations in the county.  ADR worked with The PAE to undertake a PRISM Baseline assessment of several local authorities within the region to determine the extent to which it was performing against National Procurement Strategy goals and best practice procurement techniques. 

The procurement capability study aimed to highlight areas of progress against National Procurement Strategy goals, to find areas of opportunity to provide better services for citizens and close the gap on meeting local initiatives such as the Decent Homes standard.  An additional aim was to look in detail at several categories of expenditure and contracts, and to analyse areas of potential savings using ADR’s Opportunity Analysis methodology.

ADR conducted a detailed analysis of the effectiveness and results gained using the processes, practices of behaviours of the procurement team and other budget holders and supplier managers in Basildon, Rochford and Castlepoint Councils.

ADR’s PRISM® baseline methodology was used to measure and contrast the approaches used against other private and public sector organisations.

Interviews were conducted with those staff who commissioned contractors and other services and also those who influenced expenditure.  A detailed analysis of several current contracts was also undertaken through the Opportunity Analysis approach to determine whether ongoing value for money was being achieved.

ADR made several recommendations to the local authorities involved, including approaches to extend the influence of procurement and consolidate expenditure under PAE contracts. 

ADR recommended several contract strategies for new and existing deals, some of which are currently being implemented to deliver incremental savings and long term value.  Average savings across the consolidated spend were identified, exceeding 3% of total contract value.

Procurement Agency for Essex
Service Area
Instructor-Led Learning
Public Sector
Opportunity Analysis Methodology Interviews were conducted with staff Detailed analysis of several contracts
Highlight areas of progress against national procurement strategy goals. Find areas of opportunity Look at expenditure and contacts to find areas of savings
Recommendation for contract strategies Average savings across the consolidated spend were identified exceeding 3%