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Texas Instruments (TI) designs, makes and sells high-technology components to customers all over the world. Almost all of their business centers around the sale of integrated circuits– also known as semiconductors or “chips” --- to electronic designers and manufacturers. TI has a very broad product portfolio, which includes chips that are central to almost all electronic equipment.

There are four segments: Analog, Embedded Processing, Wireless and Other. TI expects Analog, Embedded Processing and the smartphone portion of their Wireless to be the primary growth engines in the years ahead. As a consequence, they have been focusing their resources on these areas.


In discussion with TI Malaysia Procurement Executives and feedback from participants in the Basic Negotiating workshop held in Kuala Lumpur and Melaka, it was found that none of the procurement employees had any procurement certifications. Also, with their line of work, there was a need on how to build relationships with suppliers, at the same time ensuring the best value for TI.


To address the challenges faced in TI Malaysia, the complete CSSP course (Essentials of Strategic Sourcing, Advanced Strategic Sourcing, Implementing Strategic Sourcing) was proposed, which would adequately prepare the staff for certification. In addition, the Advanced Negotiation workshop was recommended to build on the prior tactical Basic Negotiation, to focus on complex negotiations in such situation as single suppliers tough market environment and strategic supplier relationships.


  • With a high degree of coaching and feedback provided during the workshop, the number of participants was limited to sixteen.
  • The company Procurement Director would like to move forward  with staff certification through Exam.
  • Beyond certification, the company is interested in  doing a Strategic Sourcing Project  to be implemented in the company operations.

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Participants trained, certified and the company is interested in doing a Strategic Sourcing Project to be implemented in the company operations.