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Current state analysis – Implementation of best practice

This leading company provides property management, investment and consulting services to clients in UK, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and the Caribbean. The IT Steering Group wanted advice on how to improve core business processes and enable better use of systems.

This business sector has not traditionally invested significantly in systems and software and it was thought that external support was required to introduce best practices

ADR were invited to complete a business process review that would help them to ensure their systems and processes were enabling the Partnership to efficiently manage its resources and support its clients

ADR completed a series of interviews with functional stakeholders including:

Partners, Surveyors , key Customers and Suppliers

The report identified how they were using systems to manage their key business processes. It also identified how these were implemented and maintained.

A  key component of ADR’s report was the analysis of risks and benefits of introducing new systems, and the necessary change management  processes that should also be implemented

Client Accounting processes

  • Expense and Revenue Cycles
  • HR and Human Capital Management
  • Practice Management – Job Management, Time Recording, Expenses and Billing
  • Knowledge Management

The IT Steering Group prioritised investments and agreed to acquire a new Practice Management System to support  the implementation of better working processes across the Partnership

The project team  reviewed several software products, but during the selection process coordinated by ADR, these products failed to meet the published requirements.

The Partnership had two more options; to replace the legacy Finance system with an ERP system, or to use Business Process Management tools to create a solution that integrates with legacy systems. The versatility of BPM tools enabled them to create a solution that supported Best Practice and could communicate with HR and Finance systems.

They can continue to use the same software for other business process improvements initiatives and will be able to continue to use their existing legacy systems.

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