ADR North America

For nearly 20 years, ADR North America has been transforming the purchasing practices of global companies in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Based on the expertise of its president, Bill Michels, CPSM, and the innovative supply management tools developed by ADR International, ADR North America has generated hundreds of millions of dollars of value for many of the world's largest corporations. 

Michels and his purchasing consulting team have:

  • Restructured purchasing departments to save millions of dollars

  • Identified and implemented key category strategies to generate value or contain costs

  • Produced baseline studies that identify key areas of improvement to world-class practices

  • Analyzed supply chain risks and identified mitigating strategies

  • Streamlines purchasing operations after mergers or acquisitions

    ADR North America is also part of the ISM-ADR School for Supply Management which delivers world-class professional development courses to corporate teams and individuals in the USA and China. ADR North America - licensee of ADR International - is a subsidiary of ISM Services Inc.

    Contact ADR North America:

    2055 E. Centennial Circle, Tempe, AZ USA 85284-1898

    Tel: +1 480-289-7988


Latest News

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