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ADR Europe headquartered in the UK is the founder member of the ADR group of companies and was incorporated in 1986 to carry out the world’s first global purchasing transformation programme with Reckitt and Colman; which had 41 business units in 36 countries.

Over the past 25 years ADR Europe has worked with many leading organisations in the UK and in Europe to transform the way they buy.  Focussed on procurement diagnostic, advisory services, procurement training and sourcing ADR Europe has managed significant global procurement transformation programmes, has designed, developed and delivered hundreds of in-company corporate development programmes and has provided hands-on sourcing capability. 

ADR Europe has won the National Training Award from the UK Government on 3 occasions; in 1995 with GSK, in 2003 with the Metropolitan Police in London and in 2007 with N G Bailey.  ADR are the only procurement consultancy to win this prestigious and hard-won award.

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