Transforming the way the world buys

Since our incorporation in 1986, ADR International has provided advisory services using our procurement expertise to over 600 of the world’s leading companies in over 60 countries.

We recognize that every assignment we work on is unique and requires a different mix of procurement skills.  We do not impose our methodology on our clients rather we look at each individual situation on its own merits and use our broad range of experience and knowledge to provide a solution that we can guarantee will work for you. But it doesn’t stop there.  We are committed to ensuring that we transfer our expertise and skills into your organization so that you own the solution and it continues to deliver long after ADR has exited the business.

Whatever the size of your organization we always have the same approach – to help our clients become more effective, efficient, profitable and successful by applying world class processes and practices to all their procurement, supply chain and sourcing activities.

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ADR can provide advice on a range of strategic issues facing a client’s business at any given time; as shown below: