To build a business case for change and action it is important to understand the existing “as is” state. Our web-based diagnostic tools, refined over many years, provide the vital first step in any transformation, category management, strategic sourcing, people development or supplier management program.

Being web-enabled this diagnostic work can be done quickly with the minimum amount of client intrusion and disruption.  ADR will use the information from the diagnostic to identify the gaps between the clients’  “as is” state and the desired best practice “to be” state to produce a detailed organization-wide (global, regional or local) capability gap and needs analysis. 

Closing the capability gap requires a tailored solution that recognises that each client situation is unique. We use our broad range of experience and knowledge to provide a solution that we can guarantee will work for you. But it doesn’t stop there.  We are committed to ensuring that we transfer our expertise and skills into your organization so that you own the solution and it continues to deliver long after ADR has exited the business.

Whatever the size of your organization we always have the same approach – to help our clients become more effective, efficient, profitable and successful by applying world class processes and practices to all their procurement, supply chain and sourcing activities.

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