Strategic Sourcing

By engaging ADR you immediately move to a world-class sourcing environment that uses the best people, process, expertise and technology to significantly reduce the prices you pay your suppliers with no compromise on quality or service.  Our cost management programs can help identify and eliminate up to 35 percent of SG&A (Selling, General and Administrative) expenses within a year, freeing up cash that can be invested to drive growth and enhance shareholder ROI.

We are able to source locally or globally through our offices in all regions of the world and we will guarantee, as a minimum, to maintain your current levels of quality and service, as you dictate the precise technical and commercial specifications before we go to market.

Substantial savings and associated benefits are achieved rapidly, as our clients will be happy to confirm.  We can deliver this on a zero-cost financing basis where you pay only after implementation – making it risk free and cash positive.                     

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