Opportunity Analysis (OA)

To build the business case for change and action it is important to understand the cost savings that are available from the introduction of more effective purchasing.

Originally developed by ADR International in 1988 for our client Reckitt & Colman, Opportunity Analysis is now considered to be the “best practice” for identifying and prioritizing purchasing cost saving opportunities in any organization. 

ADR can help your business complete an Opportunity Analysis either by:

Doing it for you directly

  • ADR will carry out a review using a team of experienced consultants
  • The review process will include interviews with all those employees who either have direct responsibility for managing suppliers and/or who influence the purchasing/sourcing process

or by

Providing you with the know-how to do it yourself

We will train your people to:

  • Understand the importance of Opportunity Analysis
  • Understand how straight forward the approach is
  • To conduct an Opportunity Analysis themselves
  • Calculate the cost savings opportunities for each spend category in your business
  • Provide the basis for prioritization of cost reduction activity category-by-category
  • Identify “quick-wins” and a longer term wave plan

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