PuMA (Purchasing Maturity Assessment)

Jointly developed by Asociación Española de Profesionales de Compras (AERCE) and ADR International, Purchasing Maturity Assessment (PuMA) is an independent, secure, on-line, self-assessment of your procurement function as measured against the European Union (EU) developed standard (CWA 15896-1). 

The CEN believes that organizations that reach and are certified to the EU CWA purchasing standard will achieve competitive advantage, commercial differentiation and value-added service excellence through improved purchasing. 

PuMA measures your current capability against the eight criteria of the CWA namely; Framework & compliance, Purchasing Responsibility, Management Responsibility, Purchasing and Supply Management teams, Managing the Strategic Purchasing and Supply Management process, Managing the Operational Purchasing process, Organization Environment and Continuous Improvement.

PuMA is designed to help organizations in both the private and public sectors to understand and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their procurement functions.  

PuMA involves an initial assessment to benchmark your current maturity, and then a follow-up every 12 months to show improvements and areas of concern.

PuMA is not just limited to EU based organizations it’s applicable to all purchasing organizations in any part of the world who wish to establish and maintain the principles of good purchasing practice.     

PuMA is available in English and Spanish.