Online Procurement Academy (OPRA)

Yes, you can learn category management, strategic sourcing and negotiation processes, tools and techniques online. It is not an “inferior” approach to instructor-led classroom role-play-based teaching. E-learning is simply a different learning mode that fits with the way the modern professional wants to learn by giving them autonomy and independence.


ADR On-line Procurement Academy (or as we know it, OPRA) places control over learning and its transfer to the learner and has other advantages too:

It’s Lower Cost & Faster Delivery

The speed and ease in which the OPRA online learning solution can be adopted reduces learning time by >50 % and learning costs by > 40% when compared to traditional instructor-led classroom training.

It’s global & mobile

OPRA breaks through geographic barriers. With internet access learners from any location in the world can easily access content 24/7/365 on desktop, laptop or tablet.

It’s contemporary & comprehensive

OPRA provides wide & deep contemporary online content with a learning path that allows the learner to master procurement negotiation and strategic sourcing in bite-size steps that encourages faster adoption.

It’s flexible

OPRA can be used standalone or blended with other learning modes such as pre & post online skills assessment, instructor-led workshops or instructor-led simulation workshops and online coaching. 

It’s immediately useable 

OPRA is packed with digitally fillable templates that can be used directly to implement the learners procurement strategy more effectively.  

It’s interactive 

Hyper-navigation functionality allows participants to work at their own pace, go back & forward and restart where they left off.  Learner interaction is encouraged with downloadable, digitally fillable templates, embedded checkpoints, practice points and quizzes.

It’s great value

OPRA’s courses are competitively priced with easy to understand price bands with no hidden extras. Pricing includes 24/7/365 help desk support, quarterly management reports and individual certification.

It’s personalized

Giving learners an end of module quiz reinforces the key learning points. To make the experience memorable the learner will be awarded a certification of completion. If required OPRA will allow personalized feedback and possibly can compare their results with other learners.


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