Category Management Academy

ADR’s Category Management Academy

ADR’s Category Management Academy is a blended learning experience that responds to the needs and preferred learning styles of the modern procurement professional.   This 5-Step blended learning Category Management program includes an online skills assessment to baseline current capability (Category Management Sourcing DNA), classroom training and eLearning (using ADR’s OSCA) as detailed below:

Pre-workshop Category Management Skills Assessment

Using ADR’s proprietary Strategic Sourcing DNA – Participants will answer questions covering all aspects of the strategic sourcing process based on their own real life experiences.

2-day Category Management Essentials Classroom Workshop

This experiential workshop introduces participants to the Category Management concept.  We will use the participants’ own supplier and category experiences throughout the workshop to demonstrate application the strategic sourcing process.

2-day Category Management Advanced Classroom Workshop

This classroom workshop challenges participants by providing a deep dive into a range of advanced category management tools and approaches such as risk management, demand management and should & could cost analysis.

2-day Category Management Leadership Classroom Workshop

This classroom build on the previous workshop and enables participants to develop their own category plan using the participants’ own category experiences.

ADR’s Online Supply Chain Academy (ADR’s OSCA®)

ADR’s OSCA ™ is a collection of online learning courses.  Each of the OSCA modules are clearly linked in terms of approach, process, methodology and language with ADR’s skills assessment (DNA) and classroom training.  Together these 3 components make up the ADR Category Management Academy.

Post-training skills evaluation

Participants will revisit the pre-course Category Management DNA skills evaluation to register the uplift in their capability, as compared with their pre-workshop capabilities.