Negotiation Academy

ADR’s Negotiation Academy

ADR’s Negotiation Academy is a blended learning experience that responds to the needs and preferred learning styles of the modern procurement professional.   The ADR Negotiation Academy 5 step program includes:

Pre-workshop Negotiation Skills Assessment

Using ADR’s proprietary Negotiation DNA – Participants will answer 73 questions covering all aspects of the negotiation process based on their own real life experiences.

2-day Soft Skills Classroom Workshop

 A course to establish and enhance the micro skills that support negotiation. We will introduce and role play micro skills that will make good negotiators even better and will include influencing, listening, questioning, conditioning, non-verbal behaviours and conflict management.

2-day Tactical Negotiation Classroom Workshop

For negotiating in situations where the supply market is competitive.  We will introduce a process for preparation, planning and execution of tactical negotiations will be introduced, including tools and techniques that participants can apply at different stages.

2-day Strategic Negotiation Classroom Workshop

For negotiating in situations where there are few or no alternative supply choices.  A process for strategic negotiation will be introduced that focuses on a collaborative approach with suppliers to identify mutual interests, create additional joint value and incentivise sustained investment.

Post-training skills evaluation

Participants will revisit the pre-course Negotiation DNA skills evaluation to register the uplift in their capability.  Individuals will consider the negotiation and influence activities they have undertaken as part of and since the training, to re-assess their negotiation skills.