Instructor-led Classroom Workshops

ADR has designed, developed and delivered thousands of in-house, instructor-led classroom workshops in over 60 countries for both major global and local organizations in both the private & public sectors since our incorporation in 1986. 

Key Features of ADR’s classroom training:

Bespoke & Aligned

Our extensive library of intellectual property means we are able to tailor our existing materials to match your category management and strategic sourcing processes

Global & Consistent

Our global tutor team have worked together on many international assignments and are experienced in delivering a consistent learning experience across cultures, languages and mixed-ability teams

Multi Language

Our native language capability includes English, American English, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Italian, Czech, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia and Malay.

Contemporary Content

High quality contemporary materials based on latest global trends in procurement

Interactive & Experiential

We use discussion, “real life” exercises & case studies, videos and industry examples for interactive and hands-on learning

Delivered by Practitioners

All ADR’s classroom workshops are delivered by seasoned purchasing consultants with a wide breadth of on-the-ground knowledge to facilitate high level classroom discussion, challenge and an ability to relate theory with actual practical application

Presentations & Role Play

Delegates demonstrate their analysis & results to an audience in the role of stakeholders, suppliers, shareholders or senior executives 


ADR are 3-times winners of the British Government sponsored UK National Training Award.  This was achieved for our skills in making the learning inspirational and sustainable, driving employee satisfaction and retention and delivering tangible results.

Games and Simulations

Procurement tools and techniques are applied through gamification of online formative assessments, enabling creative thinking and engaging the full audience.

Examples of Instructor-led Classroom Training Courses (not exhaustive):

Category Management & Strategic Sourcing IL Classroom workshops

Negotiation for the Procurement Professional IL Classroom Workshops

General IL Classroom Workshops

Introduction to Category Management & Strategic Sourcing

Negotiating in a Competitive Market

Impact of Procurement on Shareholder Value

Stakeholder Engagement & Management

Negotiating in a Non-Competitive Market

Purchasing Leadership   

Business Needs Analysis

Negotiation simulation workshop (post OPRA)

Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing Essentials

Supplier Negotiation Tactics

Virtual Supplier Visit

Strategic Sourcing Advanced

Buyer Negotiation Tactics

10 top cost reduction techniques

Risk Assessment & Management

Negotiation influencing skills

Demand Management (aka Consumption Reduction)

Should Cost & Could Cost Modelling


Lowest cost & global sourcing

Supplier Financial Analysis


Building a procurement business case for change

Tendering contracts, bidding, supplier evaluation & selection


Procurement for Non Procurement Professionals 

Contracting & Contract Management


Global Best Practices in Procurement

Supply Market Analysis


Purchasing Simulation Masterclass

Supplier Relationship Management 


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