Instructor-led Simulation Workshops

Online learning is the choice of generation Y and generation Z who are gradually replacing the baby-boomer and generation X employees.  The future of corporate learning will therefore trend towards using online learning to learn theory with the classroom becoming a place of experimentation, trial and error, creative thinking and problem solving; in other words a simulation workshop.

ADR’s simulation-based training is just like the real thing!  Simulation training replaces and amplifies real experiences with guided ones that replicate substantial aspects of the real world in a fully interactive fashion whilst protecting the business from unnecessary risks.

With experiential education being the keystone of simulation, the course is a mix of practice and feedback and usually includes a competitive element, to motivate and inspire.  Simulation training includes pre-workshop activity, post workshop activity and usually 2 to 3 days of highly intensive workshop participation.

Each program is unique. ADR provide the training framework and we work together with clients to build content that meets their development needs, business needs and fits with their organization's culture. 

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