Enabled Sourcing

ADR will provide experienced category specialist procurement resource to work together with your sourcing team with responsibility for the buying of any spend category.  ADR Sourcing will provide and transfer to your sourcing team world class sourcing skills, a robust sourcing process and tools and methodologies to support the drive for lower costs and increased value.

Enabled Sourcing is the preferred approach for those categories where :

  • Internal stakeholder involvement and influence is high
  • the supply market is complex and difficult
  • substantial amounts of money are involved
  • you already have a category sourcing team in place that needs supplementary skills

In these cases ADR can provide expert resource and transfer their skills and process know-how to your category team.

“ADR Sourcing have recommended many new suppliers in both indirect and direct spend categories.  Whilst these have offered significant savings, they have also added other benefits such as improved productivity and consistency of supply by establishing a more robust supply chain and more accurate stock control systems” – Managing Director, Manufacturing Company

“ADR Sourcing’s approach  was highly professional and the savings achieved beyond what we truly expected. Their understanding of our business needs was crucial to the success of the project.  ADR Sourcing’s regular communications with us, without being disruptive, ensured that the project stayed on course throughout” – Head of Operations, Retailer

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