Pharmaceuticals giant boosts supplier management

Global pharmaceuticals manufacturer Shire decided to improve the performance of its suppliers providing indirect goods and services.

The company particularly wanted to focus on performance in the areas of marketing, research and development, IT and facilities management.

To achieve the improvements needed, it was thought procurement managers would benefit from being given some help with practical ways to manage suppliers more effectively.

ADR Learning was asked to create a suite of supplier performance tools so that the managers could get the best from the contracts for which they were responsible.

The tools included establishing key performance indicators, setting up a system of supplier review meetings and developing performance improvement action plans.

The initiatives were introduced in a comprehensive training  programme carried out by ADR Learning in Ireland and the  US, two of Shire’s most important locations.

A total of 30 procurement managers took part in the two-month programme.

As a result, Shire’s procurement managers are now able to track and direct supplier performance improvement in indirect spend categories much more successfully and quality standards have been improved.

The participants gave top marks to the programme for helping them fulfill their professional objectives - every one of those who took part wholeheartedly recommended it to their colleagues.

Service Area
Instructor-Led Learning
To be able to manage suppliers more effectively
30 procurement managers trained They are now able to track and direct supplier performance improvement Quality Standards have improved