Standard Chartered Bank

ADR worked with Standard Chartered Bank throughout the Asia Pacific region on a three-year assignment.

Previously, the bank had given little consideration to either its local purchasing or to capturing regional or global synergies.  Indeed, there was no formal process for effective purchasing.

The aim of the initiative was to create a sharper focus on contractual management, supplier management and drive down cost.

A board level steering committee provided the overall direction of the programme, whilst being fully supported by ADR. 

ADR consultants worked closely alongside SCB’s purchasers of major expenditures on a worldwide basis.  In addition, through a series of skill development events and on-site coaching, ADR ensured that the competencies of SCB’s purchasing staff were strengthened and that all procurement staff were capable of the necessary practices to fulfill the  initiative.

The assignment led to a much stronger focus on SCB’s cost management and strategic sourcing, particularly in information technology, professional services and facilities management.

On the expenditure tackled, savings exceeded 5%.  Existing practices were greatly enhanced and much success was achieved through adopting new cost improvement techniques.  Most importantly, ADR ensured SCB - through a transfer of its skills - a committed team of in-house staff developed in a way that enabled them to take forward ADR’s work.

Standard Chartered Bank
Sourcing Consulting
Drive down costs
Savings Exceeding 5%