Tetra Ireland

eircom, Motorola and Sigma Wireless formed a consortia to bid for the design, build and manage contract for a private, secure mobile telecommunications network across the whole of Ireland for the Irish security services; Garda, Ambulance, Fire and other government organisations.

Resourced from its consortia members, Tetra Ireland required procurement advisory and support, firstly in the preparation of its bid proposal and, subsequently in the contracting phase of the project.

The initial aim was to put in place supply arrangements and fixed costings to support the bid financial plan and demonstrating the readiness and capability of the consortia as well as providing a competitive edge through strategic sourcing.

ADR supported Tetra Ireland throughout the bid preparation phase, working with eircom, Motorola and Sigma resources to research, market test, negotiate and contract with all the major suppliers of capital equipment and key services required to construct a complete network of base stations, masts and support structures for a private, secure mobile network throughout Ireland.

ADR also provided procurement advice in the constructing of supply agreements between the three consortia partners, enabling the timely agreement of the shareholder’s agreement for the consortia

 Prior to submitting their proposal, Tetra Ireland had put in place agreements with all major suppliers of equipment and services, enabling a high degree of confidence in financial projections and the capability of the consortia.

The strategic view taken in contracting with key capital and service suppliers enabled Tetra Ireland to negotiate exclusive arrangements, in some cases denying key suppliers and resources to its competitor, strengthening the Tetra Ireland proposal through its supply base, whilst weakening the competitions. 

Tetra Ireland
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