ADR was selected by UNQI to build a skills assessment and development programme for its UK procurement team. The UNIQ team included sourcing specialists from various UNIQ food brands, who all had differing approaches to procurement in their organisation and specific category expert knowledge.

UNIQ wished to introduce a revised common Category Management methodology as the common way of working across Procurement in the UK. They also desired to create a competency framework that aligned to the Category Process, and fitted to each of the procurement roles in the organisation.

ADR worked with UNIQ to design an integrated Category Management Process, Competency Framework and Skills Assessment Process. The various roles including buyers, sourcing specialists and supplier relationship managers were matched to the skills that were relevant to their current and future business challenges. ADR used its Development Needs Analysis (ADR DNA) tool for online self-assessment and line-manager assessment, to enable a 180 degree review of each staff member.  Following the assessment, UNIQ were provided with organisational-wide reports showing how the map of procurement roles fitted against the profile of skills strengths and areas for development. The reports included comparison against global benchmarks, both within the food industry and also compared to the skills of other best in class industries.

Using the individual and team skills assessment outcomes, ADR worked with UNIQ to design Category Management Training that was designed to address the highlighted skills gaps. The training was followed up with a subsequent re-assessment of skills one year later to identify the progress that had been made in skills development. Further training was then designed and delivered that was more focused on delivering incremental benefits to the high-performing team through application of cost analysis tools.

The Skills Assessment is part of the appraisal, personal development planning and recruitment process at UNIQ. Continued self-assessment and line manager inputs enable targeted training planning.

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To design a competency framework and a common category management methodology
Skills Assessment became part of the appraisal, personal development planning and recruitment process at UNIQ.