A Global Transformation Programme

Following ADR’s successful implementation of a global purchasing improvement programme for its New Jersey –based parent company, American Home Products (AHP), a $13 Billion corporation, ADR was asked by the AHP Corporate to transform Wyeth’s pharmaceutical purchasing activity globally.

ADR’s development provided and implemented the framework and changed management processes to create a global approach to its purchasing and delivered improved EPS.

The assignment took place during significant restructuring within the company including the rationalization of manufacturing locations, and the re-location and re-distribution of production.

ADR supported recruitment and training for Wyeth’s purchasing team, designed and built the global purchasing organisation, ensured that all staff had clearly defined responsibilities, authorities and accountabilities and introduced robust measurement of benefits all linked to Wyeth’s business needs and goals.

Due to ADR’s involvement, Wyeth developed a leading global purchasing function with a much wider category remit and development sustainable global collaboration.

“Prior to ADR’s involvement European purchasing within Wyeth was undertaken on a local basis with purchasing at our various national manufacturing locations  being heavily involved in transactional activity, predominantly in inventory and direct manufacturing goods. The prime focus of attention was on reducing unit prices and few suppliers were being managed proactively to deliver additional value to our business.

ADR’s support included the identification of opportunities for pan-European collaboration, and the design and facilitation of a process to support such activity. ADR’s more hands-on support also extended across a range of purchasing activities including the preparation of negotiation plans and multi-national sourcing strategies”

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